Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Mick Snider began his preaching ministry at the age of sixteen.  He and his family provided pastoral leadership to three congregations before coming to Harvest Church.  For sixteen years, Pastor Mick travelled across the United States with his family preaching camp meetings, youth camps, and revival meetings in local churches.  His family members are talented musicians and singers.  He is a gifted speaker with a strong anointing to declare the wonderful Word of God. 


Pastor Mick received his ministerial credential in 1977 and earned his ordination certificate in 1979.  He holds a degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern Nazarene University, where his senior project is published in an online journal.  For several years, he has served as a member of an Executive Council providing leadership to local churches and other ministers.  He served as the Director of Evangelism and is currently the Vice President of the Executive Council.  Some of his responsibilities have included administration duties, working with new church planters, and training new ministers.


Our pastor is a kind, caring, and compassionate man who is motivated by the love of God to reach people with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Teresa Snider was born into a pastor’s home and has been involved in ministry all of her life.  Pastor Teresa is an ordained minister and an anointed intercessor.  In addition to her ministry at Harvest Church as a worship team vocalist, she is the Director of the World Intercession Network.  She is an anointed intercessor.  Additionally, Sister Teresa is a powerful speaker at women’s conferences and ministry training sessions.


For sixteen years, Pastor Teresa traveled across the United States as a pianist and vocalist with her husband, Pastor Mick, as he preached camp meetings, youth camps, and revivals in local churches. She holds a degree in Early Childhood Development and was a home school teacher for their son.  She enjoys spending time with her granddaughter, Brooklyn, and working in her flower beds.