Jesus taught His disciples to go into the whole world and preach the gospel to everyone.  For many years, Harvest Church has been a flag ship in supporting our Harvest Partners (missionaries) and their missions projects.  In addition to giving tithes on a regular basis, the people of Harvest Church give generously to help meet the needs of overseas missions.
Monthly support is crucial to the success of our Harvest Partners. 

Harvest Church helps children in need through People to People.  For $25.00 per month, a child receives nutritious meals, clothing, education, shelter, and medical assistance.  


Annually, Harvest Church gives a special offering called the Global Outreach Offering.  75% of this offering is used to assist in the cause of world missions.  These funds are disbursed to missionaries and national workers for ministry projects, churches, outreaches, developing new works, and promotion.  25% of this offering is used to assist in the cause of evangelism in the USA.  These funds are disbursed to plant and develop churches in the United States.  Individuals in the Harvest Church Family joyfully contribute at least a day’s wage to this worthy offering.


         Catrina Taber                        Ernie and Cindy Ramsey                       Marty Delmon
              PERU                                LIBERIA, AFRICA                                   FRANCE

Mauricio, Lourdes, Betsabe,                   Vijay Balla                          David and Linda Fannin
and Obed Salazar- BELGIUM               BANGLADASH                                HUNGARY

  Ed and Margie Rhodes                   Gary and Alesa Akerman                Ismael Serinken
 SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT                             WALES                                     TURKEY
Joe and Maggie Delport                     Larissa Akerman                  Matt and Femke Helland
     SOUTH AFRICA                                   AFRICA                                     HOLLAND


Mike and Lori Reed                      Ray and JoAnn Case             Ron Wooten Family
    UGANDA, AFRICA                                                              EAST AFRICA